Our Spirits

Brandy (Alc. 20%, 40 Proof) - Very Sweet

Six On The Beach

Clear Corn Whiskey - Smooth & Mellow

Bucked Off Shine

Alc. 75%, 150 Proof

Rode Hard Shine

Alc. 50%, 100 Proof

Bareback Shine

Alc. 40%, 80 Proof

Jacked Up

Carmelized, Alc. 40%, 80 Proof

Slow Ride

Coffee Taste, Alc. 40%, 80 Proof

Bourbon- Alc. 40%, 80 Proof

NoBull Bourbon

Cinful Shine - prepare to repent

Shines- Alc. 20%, 40 Proof


hints of honey, naturally smooth

Blue Shine

sweet, delicious blueberry

Apple Pie Shine

tastes like homemade pie

Peach Shine

dangerously delicious peach

Cran Shine

sweet, tart flavored

Twerked Tea

blend of freshly brewed tea

Lemon Shine

sweet taste of summer

Watermelon Shine

pink, juicy, and full of promise

Cherry Shine

a delightful taste of fresh cherries

Pumpkin Pie

perfect for fall festivities

Root Beer

great taste of root beer with a kick

Kick Ass Cherry

(ALC 50%, 100 Proof)
Two words: CHERRY BOMB

Rum- Alc. 50%, 100 Proof

Bodacious Dark Rum
Bodacious White Rum


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Mountain Top Distillery is located in the scenic mountains of Central Pennsylvania at the same location as Bastress Mountain Winery.

5451 State Route 654
Williamsport, PA 17702
Wednesday-Saturday 10:30am-6pm
Sunday 11am-3pm

Phone: 570-745-2332
Fax: 570-745-2332

Our Outlet Stores:
Mountain Top Distillery at Benezette
L & L Elk Wilds
8839 Route 555
Benezette, PA 15821
(814) 787 – 4140
Monday 12pm – 5pm
Tuesday – CLOSED
Wednesday & Thursday 12pm – 5pm
Friday 12pm – 6pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm

Mountain Top Distillery at Lower Burrell
2748 Leechburg Road
Lower Burrell, PA 15068
Winter Hours, January and February
Wednesday - Saturday 10am-5pm

March - December
Sunday 11am-3pm
Monday- CLOSED
Tuesday -Saturday 11am-5pm